Moowing is milk from Happy Cows

Milk from grass fed Happy Cows, directly sourced from Maharashtra Farmers.

Rich source of Protein.

Natural souce of vitamin 'A' & D' for your better eyesight and bones strength
We bring milk to your home in shortest possible time to retain freshness.

Pureset and safest avaialble packaged cow milk for Healthy and active life
Modern, State of Art and computer operated machiens to collect milk.

Safe packagng & Company controlled sitribution.

Socially responsible organization with moto of Happy Cows Happy Farmers
Our Mission
Our Farmers
To offer consumers safe and pure milk. To address major concern of housewife whether the milk, her child drinks is safe and free from adulternation.

Happy Farmers, Happy Cows and Happy Consumers.
If cows are happy, they will give good quality of milk. If farmers are paid remunerative price, they will feel happy and do a good job in maintaining cows and deliver adulteration free, fresh milk every day. When consumer gets fresh, pure and safe milk, happiness is visible.
Hear us out
We are a start up with each member having average 10 years of experience in dairy. Business management graduates, Dairy Engineers, Veterniary Doctors and Electrical engineers.
We understand what cow needs, what farmer needs and what consumer is looking for in milk.
Moowing is milk with no disturbance. 
We don't add water or milk powder or any other ingredient to milk.
There is no need of vitamin fortification becasue moowing is without any toning of milk. Milk as given by Happy Cows.
We bring it to your home straingt from our dairy farmers farm from rural Pune and Nagar. In less than 24 hours from milking it reaches your home under company controlled supervision.

All these reasons make Moowing taste natrual. Drink without worrying.

For Moowing Happy Cows milk delivery to your home:
contact your milk delivery man

Moowing is dervied from:
Moo.. sound a Happy cow makes.
Wings which make our imagination fly

Moowing is Moving:
I am a learner, 
I believe in change,
I believe in growing and
I believe in forward moving
I am a human not a tree
I am moving